Atelier Schroeter

Geodesic terrariums


Our Geodesic terrariums are a fusion of styles and inspirations. The ornate glass houses of the Victorian Era collide with the dreams of science fiction to create something timeless yet disarmingly contemporary. The rigid, geometric lines of the terrariums will eventually be overrun by the organic and chaotic forms of the plants to produce something entirely unpredictable and constantly evolving.....

Each geodesic is made up of almost one hundred triangles, individually welded together and lovingly hand finished. The resulting geodesic structures incorporate a water tight bottom section that allows plants to be grown within. Low voltage LED lighting contained within a classical glass shade turns the geodesic into a striking light feature.

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  • Acier inoxydable
  • Acier
  • Laiton


All of our products are designed and made in house allowing us to offer huge scope for customization. Looking for a different size, material or finish? We would love to hear from you,

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